We have the pleasure to invite you to the kick-off event of Tirana Inc. a multi-university start-up incubation program that will open its doors for ambitious student teams with a great business idea. Tirana Inc. is an initiative of Albanian universities, established in the framework of EU for Innovation program, implemented by GIZ and Preneurz.Amsterdam, and supported by the City of Tirana.

Our faculty accepted the invitation and it’s a great delight to be among the 5 founding partners of this initiative whose mission is, in three years to be the number one destination for ambitious Albanian student entrepreneurs to kickstart their company.

The official kick off will be an online event live streamed and opened and for all the stakeholders with the main participation of rectors\deans of the founding universities, representatives from EU delegation in Albania, EU for innovation and experts’ team from
Preneurz Amsterdam.

The event will take place on the online platform ZOOM on 29 th April 2021, 17:00.

Please find below the link to the event or watch it live stream on Tirana Inc. Facebook page.

Invitation link: Tirana Inc Kick off event

Meeting ID: 998 6054 7495

Passcode: 461205

To be part of the event register here!

For more information regarding the initiative visit: www.tirana-inc.al



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