Conference Call


International Conference

“Rebound, Rebuild, and Reinvent for a Sustainable and Equitable Development (3R4SED)."


Organized by 

Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana

June 10-11, 2022

Venue: TBD

Tirana, Albania


The year 2022 marks the 65th anniversary of The University of Tirana. On this occasion, among the series of activities that commemorate the past achievements of the Institution and outline its goals and aspirations for the future, the Faculty of Economy is pleased to announce its call for applications for the Multidisciplinary International Conference “Rebound, Rebuild, and Reinvent for a Sustainable and Equitable Development (3R4SED)”. The goal of this year’s conference is to provide a platform to leading academics, researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge, experience and ideas in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in promoting equitable and sustainable development.

The COVID-19 and the earthquake of November 26th, 2019, have defined our recent collective history. Both have had and still have profound implications for our economy and society. This conference provides an occasion to discuss relevant topics in the face of the post-earthquake reconstruction efforts and Covid-19 pandemic, socio-economic recovery challenges, but also current trends such as enlightening technological advances, sweeping changes in the social, education, and political landscape, increasing inequality, migration, promising albeit contentious new multilateral and regional trade agreements, digital transformation, supply chain reconfiguration, rapid business innovation, and green growth.


Several tracks and related topics have been selected for this year’s conference. They have been grouped in the following themes:

1. Business and entrepreneurship

  • Challenges of business strategies
  • Entrepreneurship in the post-Covid economy
  • Marketing agencies, advertisers, media and customers
  • Public and private partnerships
  • Information technology and businesses
  • Small and medium enterprises finance
  • Commercial lending
  • Startups, incubation, and acceleration
  • Operations and value chain management
  • Challenges of financial reporting after the pandemic

2. Public administration and good governance

  • Public finance and diversification of financing sources
  • Role of Government in crisis management
  • Fiscalization, challenges and opportunities for the Albanian companies
  • Collaboration across public administration organizations
  • Citizen’s participation and engagement
  • Legal aspects of good governance
  • International accounting standards for sustainability in the public sector
  • National reforms and socio-economic transformation
  • Institutional and social marketing

3. Growth and development

  • Growth strategies for international business
  • Climate change, Energy transition policies and green growth
  • Trade and value chains
  • E-development
  • Financing of local and regional growth and sustainable development
  • Multilateral and regional trade agreements
  • Sustainable reporting standards (GRI, SASB)
  • Free trade

4. Financial markets

  • Monetary policy
  • Banking system
  • Central bank and crisis management
  • Non-banking financial system

5.  Migration, inequality, social injustice

  • Internal migration and urban change
  • Diaspora externalities
  • Remittances
  • Brain gain and brain drain
  • Gender inequality budgeting and auditing in RPO-s.
  • Education and social inequality
  • Poverty and migration
  • Social enterprise and poverty alleviation
  • The role of financial reporting in reducing poverty in developing countries

6. ICT, business, and society

  • Open innovation IT solutions
  • Governmental and business sector informatics, challenges for innovation
  • Shared economy
  • Integrating ICT in education and virtual learning
  • E-marketing and social media management
  • Digital and social media analytics
  • E-commerce and multichannel marketing
  • Marketing, sales and customer service automation
  • Logistics
  • Transportation

7.   Tourism

  • Promoting sustainable tourism
  • Tourism industry resilience and the Covid-19 aftermath
  • Protected areas and tourism
  • Destination marketing and management
  • Human resources and the tourism industry
  • Blue tourism

8.  Training and development

  • E-learning and blended learning
  • Professional development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Upskilling and reskilling
  • Alternative ways of teaching and creative teaching methods
  • Educational institutions and business

9. Trade and global value chains

  • Growth
  • Productivity
  • E-commerce
  • Free trade
  • Transportation
  • Logistics

In addition to these eight tracks comprising a non-exhaustive list of topics, papers can be submitted to the conference's general theme.

Policy talk proposals

The Organizing Committee encourages proposals for panel sessions of up to five presenters, composed of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, focusing on a topic of policy relevance. The topics outlined above are of particular interest and will be prioritized, but all policy-relevant topics are welcome.

The proposal should clearly state the policy topic and explain its relevance. It should describe the panel’s format and provide relevant information on panelist backgrounds and expected contributions.

Policy talk proposals can be up to 3 pages in length and should include the following:

  • Background/Relevance
  • Policy Topic
  • Description of Panel
  • Panelists and their Expected Contributions


Conference format

The Organizing Committee anticipates an in-person conference, with online streaming of select sessions or presentations.


Conference Language

The conference language will be English.


Important dates

-Full paper submission: May 10th, 2022

-Notification of acceptance: May 16th, 2022

-Reviewed Full Paper submission: May 23rd, 2022

-Full Paper confirmation of acceptance: May 30th, 2022

-Regular Registration and Payment: May 17th, 2022

-Price for author Eur 35

-Late Registration (late fees apply)

Conference schedule: 10-11 June 2022

Conference Venue: TBD

City: Tirana, Albania

All submitted papers are subject to a double-blind peer-review process. Full papers will be published in the book of proceedings.



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We look forward to reading your proposals.

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